AFC East

By Kavin Caruso

Here's a question on everyone's mind, who is going to compete in the AFC East?

By meaning that, what teams will win more than 8 games this year? I know most people still think that New England Patriots will do the usual, not me. I think the New York Jets who beat the Patriots in last season AFC divisional playoff game will do some damage.

The New York Jets signed wide receiver Santonio Holmes for a 5 year deal. He is the main receiver corps for the Jets.

Darrelle Revis on the top defensive back will have more experience on secondary especially having Kyle Wilson and Dwight Lowery. Head Coach Rex Ryan will build the offense around Mark Sanchez with Shonn Greene and Braylon Edwards. New York Jets won't have it easy but by beating New England again this year will help them this season.

Miami Dolphins now looking for a starting quarterback. Kyle Orton has been interested in being a Dolphin quarterback. Ahmad Bradshaw who played for the New York Giants also is interested in being a Miami Dolphin. If Bradshaw and Orton signs, then the Miami Dolphins will be a team to beat. They need a good quarterback and a running back. Last season Miami Dolphins didn't have a 1,000 yard rusher; Ronnie Brown ran for 734 yards total. Ronnie Brown will blossom if Ahmad Bradshaw signs to the club.

Buffalo Bills are a team that hasn't had a winning season in 7 seasons.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is looking for a winning season this year. Wide Receiver Steve Johnson is in his 4th season at Buffalo, he's also thinking of good times ahead in Buffalo. Now Buffalo Bills are a small market team, but because of the salary cap, they can still spend money on some quality players. Now do I think the Bills have a chance of winning? Maybe, I know about Chan Gailey, he coached at Georgia Tech, also was a coach at Miami Dolphins.

The Buffalo Bills haven't been in the post season 1999, so I still think the Bills will grow and maybe win 8 games. You got to remember they play the New England Patriots twice and New York Jets twice. That's a four division games that you need to win. If the Bills go 3-1 against those two teams, watch out they might be a good quality team.

I am not going to write about the New England Patriots, you will have to fill the blanks for me on what you think will happen this season. I am bias, I want the New England Patriots to have a bad season. I am tired of the Patriots, I hate watching them on tv! Maybe after 10 years, I will change.

What do you think?

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