American Football - Heavy Winter Snow Hits East Coast Games

By Strokin Salvador

Freezing winter storm created a lot of problems for the players in NFL games that were played on Sunday, 8th December. The NFL never gives a call to stop the game in mild snow or moderate stormy weather conditions. But, this time the snow was going on all the day and it had impacted several players.

American Football - Heavy Winter Snow Hits East Coast Games
Photo: dailymail

Few people were injured and some major scenes were also recorded by the photographers even in the harsh snow storm. Continue reading to get an idea who was affected and how the players managed to continue their games.

Who were Victims?

Heavy snow effect different contests of wintery NFL games, but Philadelphia fields were the victims of bad weather where two major players of great teams were injured and the visibility was almost cut down due to the severe snow falling and storm. Reggie Bush faced a calf injury when he was slipped during the initial warm-up session. He belongs to the great team of Detroit Lions. Not only him, but Peterson also injured in the second half due to the snowy grounds and he slipped on the group with his ankle being hurt. He was playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

Heavy snow affected other teams that were playing is Washington and Pittsburg. West Virginia also suffered from heavy storms of snow earlier in the morning and the recorded snow was about 3 to 6 inches. According to the weather forecasts this was the first snow of the season in West Virginia.

American Football - Heavy Winter Snow Hits East Coast Games
Photo: telegraph

What were the Conditions of NFL Games?

The severe conditions of weather were affecting the playgrounds and the goal line was becoming out of the reach. People and referee can't see the goal line at one point when there was snow up to 6 inches. According to news, referee announced during the game that they can't see the goal line and it is requested to clear the line so they can continue the game.

Kicking of balls at time of extra point was also difficult and teams were avoiding making an extra appoint because they cannot kick the ball and it was blocked at one point during the game. According to NFL policies, the conditions of the ground cannot be disturbed, once the game begins. Only in severe snow storm, they can stop the game or pause it for a few minutes to clear the ground.

American Football - Heavy Winter Snow Hits East Coast Games
Photo: cnn

Photographers were also feeling excited to take pictures of the games during snow, when it was announced in news that one inch snowfall is expected in the East coast games. But later on, snow becomes severe and the weather conditions become too harsh that it was too difficult to save from extreme cold and the winter snow. There was a complete white-out in just a few minutes and the grounds were covered with layers of 3 inches snow.

Heavy storm not only affect the east coast badly, but it also affects other areas of America and thousands of flights were canceled and traffic was also lead to accidents due to the heavy snow storm and a mixture of rain that cause a great loss that day.

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