Crazy NFL Ruling Never To Be Seen Again

By Wendy

There was a Raider game that was played in San Diego, I am not positive of the date, but believe it was 2006, week 12, November 26. The strange play was this: the Chargers completed a pass to a rookie receiver, who then UNTOUCHED, spiked the ball, thus keeping the ball LIVE. A Raider player grabbed the ball and began running it back, but then fumbled it, to be recovered by a Charger.

The referees took a good twenty minutes to sort things out, and in the end, the Chargers got possession of the ball, with some penalty for a "double forward pass" and ended up with a new set of downs.

The whole thing seemed a bit sketchy to me and I would think probably a lot of people, even prompting a comment from the game announcer that "Al Davis will get a hand written apology from the commissioner for this one".

However, once the call was made by the ref, the play was NEVER, EVER again shown on tv. Not at halftime, not on ESPN that night, NEVER since.

My questions are, first, do you know the play I speak of?

Second, what in the world happened there, can you help me understand the call?

And third and most important, why have I never seen or heard of this crazy play ever again? Why would it simply disappear?

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Wow, Amazing

Hey thanks for letting us know about that amazing play. Have you checked YouTube for "Amazing NFL Calls" or something like that? I imagine this happened prior to instant replay.

Anyway, if anyone else knows anything about this play, let us know. THanks

By - Mo, Sep 14, 2011

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