Former Redskin Brian Mitchell Rants After team Loss to Tampa Bay

Weeks before the season started, online sports betting sites had the Redskins as one of the top candidates to reach Super Bowl.  But after 11 Weeks of action, the situation is just the opposite.

The  Washington Redskins loss another game and are on the verge of an embarrassing season.  They recovered QB Robert Griffin III a couple of weeks ago, and had two weeks to prepare for the dismal Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But once the game was over, Tampa Bay left FedEx Field with its second win of the season and the Washington was again the same disappointing team we’ve seen week after week.

The Washington Redskins have struggled this season. They are 3-7, and both their offense and defense in particular has underachieved for much of the season. A big part of those struggles rests on QB Robert Griffin III.

For former Redskins player Brian Mitchell, who now has the depressing duty of covering the team for CSN Washington, the loss to Tampa Bay was too much. Here's how his postgame rant began (via Sports Bog):

"Embarrassing. This is atrocious. It's despicable. It's pathetic. I think it's asinine. As we look at this football game and this football team -- and it's not just Robert, OK, I want fans out there to stop blaming just the quarterback. The defense was atrocious; the offensive line was terrible, dropping balls, throwing balls to people. Everybody had a part in this. There are players that, they can't play themselves into the right position. We sit here every week and we want to blame that one guy. Yes, they gave up a lot for him, but from coaching, to decision-makers, to players, everybody is playing a part. ...

"I see a lot of players blaming media and everybody else, and running around as if they've won the damn Super Bowl somewhere. This team has sucked over the last few years, OK? And as a former player, I'm embarrassed to watch this junk, over and over again. And yes, I come on this air and I have to try and be professional and not say what -- I wish, let the FCC tell me today, 'Say what the hell you want to say, Brian.' And I will call out names and tell them exactly what I feel. Because a lot of guys who want to be big time and talking about what they think and what the media shouldn't be doing, play some damn football. You sucked on the field today, and you know who you are. I don't have to say their names. You know who you are."


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