NFL Betting on Which Teams will Win in the Next Season

By Marion Brookes

Already, with many NFL fans still digesting the result of the Super Bowl, the speculation and betting as to which teams could win next season has already begun. This is not surprising, because NFL betting - like other types of sports betting - is relentless, but what may be surprising to fans of other sports is that winning the Super Bowl doesn't automatically make you favourites for the next season.

The Baltimore Ravens outclassed the San Francisco 49ers for long stretches of the final, but the latter are rated hotter favourites to win the Super Bowl next time out.

The 49ers are rated 7/1 at many sites for the Super Bowl, which makes the equal favourites with the Denver Broncos - with the Ravens rated 12/1. However, given that they had longer odds of 22/1 for it last season, and still triumphed, they could well represent a very good bet again for next year's Super Bowl. When it comes to the two NFL leagues, obviously both the Broncos and the Ravens are highly rated for the AFC, with the Houston Texans also amongst the favourites, with odds of 4/1.

When it comes to the NFC, alongside the 49ers, the Green Bay Packers are amongst the hottest favourites - with odds of just 4/1. Of course many NLF betting fans will consider these odds to be too low to be worth a punt.

Of course it is the element of risk in betting on one of the sides rated outside the hot favourites that gives NFL betting its edge, but others may prefer to get a fix of NFL and betting by playing one of the NFL themed slots games to be found at online casino sites like A slot game like $5 Million Touchdown has the potential for amazing payouts - it's named after the maximum cash jackpot, but also offers fans a genuine football experience, complete with a bonus game requiring them to pass the ball from player to player, gaining bonus credits, and trying to score a touchdown. Even if you love the risk of NFL betting, $5 Million Touchdown offers a great way to play during the downtimes between matches.

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