See Every Drop of Sweat: NFL on HD

The way we watch football on TV has evolved over the past few decades. Where in the past only local games were broadcast, today there are several games shown each week in every region. There are also nationally broadcast games that everybody can see. But even with these broadcasts, many households still miss as many as half of the NFL's action in a given week.

Now, households can watch every snap from any game they wish with NFL Sunday Ticket, available only on Direct TV. Every game is made available in glorious high definition. NFL Sunday Ticket is the perfect option for the football enthusiast who doesn't want to miss a game. We've all had Sundays where we wanted to see a compelling game, only to have the cable company decide that we would instead see a game between two teams destined to miss the playoffs. Sunday Ticket gets rid of this problem once and for all!

This TV package isn't just for hardcore football enthusiasts, though. Anyone who lives in a different region from their team can relate to how frustrating it is to only get to see your team once or twice a year. Now football fans can watch their team's game every week, no matter where they are. Whether you're a Dolphins fan living in South Dakota or a Cardinals fan living in Indianapolis, every game is available for you to watch.

Even if you feel that you usually get to see the games you want, the freedom to watch any game is still well worth it. Even if the cable company shows every game you want to see every week, there are still games every week that come down to the wire that aren't broadcast locally. With Sunday Ticket from Direct TV, you get the option to switch over to these games and catch every spectacular finish of the season!

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