Texas A&M/Oklahoma/FSU joining the SEC?

By Kavin Caruso

Well that's the news around the SEC, Oklahoma Sooners and Texas A&M wants to join the SEC. Governor of Texas Rick Perry wants his alma mater Texas A&M to join the conference.

I got to tell you, I hate the idea because of geography. Florida State also wants to join the SEC. Now FSU joining would make sense, but one problem, Florida Gators. The Florida Gators would try to block that move because of recruiting.

Now Oklahoma has done well over the years, they would bring lots of money to the conference. Oklahoma just doesn't fit for the SEC. I mean come on now, SEC: Southeastern Conference! That's right Southeastern Conference, not Southwest, not Northeast, not Midwest, Southeast!

Its like asking Missouri to join the SEC or Ohio St; just doesn't make any sense to have some schools that are outside of the southeast region. I know things are going to happen in the coming weeks, but I hope Oklahoma and Texas A&M does not join the SEC.

Florida State trying to get out of the ACC only would hurt the conference in football. ACC is a basketball powerhouse with the likes of Duke, UNC, Wake Forest. When Florida State joined the ACC in the early 90's it helped the ACC in bringing revenue. Florida State won ACC Championships along with Natl Championships.

In the 80's there weren't any ACC schools other than Clemson that was winning National Championships. When Virginia Tech joined the ACC in the 2000's they were helping the ACC bring lots of excitement in football.

So someone please tell me what you think will likely happen in the near future.

What Other Visitors Have Said

  • Yes, but...
    by: CJ, Aug 15, 2011

    I agree with you, but the problem is the college football landscape has changed. My own Colorado Buffaloes are now part of the Pac-12! Nebraska is in the Big Ten. So, to compete with the superconferences, the SEC is gonna have to eventually expand. Texas and Oklahoma are logical places to go. They have great football cultures, similar to the SEC.

    I liked this article which actually suggested Missouri might join the SEC.

    Time is now for SEC Expansion.

  • A&M
    by: Anonymous, Aug 29, 2011

    As a traditionalist, I favor A&M staying in the Big 12. I like geographical set ups and the rivalries built up over years. I've been an Aggie fan since the Bear Bryant days and it bugs me that A&M gets so bent out of shape on what UT does. It gets old so if they can't be happy in a great conference, leave.

  • Where Idea of Super Conferences Came From
    by: Mo Johnson, Sep 29, 2011

    Interesting to read this idea has been around since the early 1990's. it was the brainchild of the metro conference. check out

    Origination of Super Conference Idea.

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