Texas vs Texas A&M 2011

I'm very disappointed at how the game ended not because A&M lost it's how they lost is why I'm mad. The referees made a terrible call on Texas's last drive to win the game there is no way that it was a personal foul on the pass play that kept the drive alive!

Also when Case McCoy had that long run on the same drive one off his lineman held an Aggie defender and some how the referees didn't see it! It's very clear that the refs were against A&M and didn't want them to win!

If I was a Longhorns fan I wouldn't brag on winning the game the Longhorns had plenty of help from the referees. A&M don't get down u won the game hold your heads high.

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I Agree!!

I completely agree with you! That bad call out them in field goal range which lead them to win the game. It's really surprising that they could win a game playing that badly. UT's offense was pathetically embarrassing.

By - Anonymous, Nov 30, 2011


The ref who made the call is a UT graduate. I'm not kidding!

By - Anonymous, Nov 30, 2011

Ref's Name?

What is the ref's name and year graduated? There should also be a complaint made to the NCAA.

By - Anonymous, Dec 09, 2011

That Ref

J. Taylor is his name from what I've heard. That call was the talk of the game for a long time. There were a couple of pictures floating around the web with him wearing a tu hoodie. The sips needed help so they got it, as usual.

By - Friend, Mar 03, 2012

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